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Pipedream Show 114 – Carlisle Carey


She is a gluten free tomboy with the superhuman powers to make kick ass donuts on a motherluvin campfire…a spartan who will will put a feather in the freezer and will wish on you health or death, one of which will happen.  She will kick your ass for funnysake and revel in watching you cry like a baby for your mommy.  This funny lady is all jokes and red headed Scottish sass…tune in live this Wednesday January 7th at 7pm EST.

Show starts at 7pm EST this WEDNESDAY- Comedypipe.com

You can also be a part of the show – Skype us at Comedypipe

Twitter @Comedypipe #Pipedream #Comedypipe #WTDD

Download TUNEIN to hear us LIVE on your mobile device and get the podcast.


and as always you can tune in using itunes


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