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Pipedream Show 202 – Andy McDermott

Andy McDermott 2016
So this week on Pipedream, we welcome Andy McDermott. I’ve never met or seen him perform live, but since we’re having him on I’m sure he’s at least kinda funny. So no worries there. Joe and Jefferson will be using each other as finger puppets and 3D will be steering the ship as per usual. So yeah. Tune in.

That was Jefferson’s first run at doing something cool! – Thank You Jefferson!

ON PIPEDREAM THIS WEEK, The Switzerland of the Dorito wars ANDY MCDERMOTT! He chose Ruffles! So now, we shoot Ruffles in the back yard with a cannon for this very funny comedian! Joe will be there wearing a garbage bag while Jefferson sprays his baby batter like a Gallagher show. *** Comedypipe did not give you gonorrhea. Slut.

Watch the show on Youtube -http:\\youtube.com\comedypipe

Skype using the screen name – Comedypipe

Tweet us LIVE – @Comedypipe #Pipedream #Comedypipe

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