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Pipedream Show 258 – Harry White

Harrywhite 2017

Harry White will be with us LIVE this week to discuss procrastination, home repair, remote control trucks and broken computer, he will most likely also be hilarious!

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Pipedream Show 243 – Kristin Grady & Moxie Bangs

kristen moxie 2017

Moxie Bangs and Kristen Grady this week on the Pipe! 1 people, four personalities and all of them are funny! Duckling!
This show is going to be so Baxter! Jefferson still shows up.
*** Comedypipe likes it when you hold your boobs and smile. Even if it’s done sarcastically. 🙂
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Pipedream Show 242 – Dick Williams

Dick Williams 2017
DICK WILLIAMS this Wednesday on the PIPE! My favorite thing about this guy is how he gets it out of you. Whatever it is you hold back on ,he’ll get you to open up. This show is going to be fun as fuck! *** Comedypipe doesn’t fuck on the first date… we make love.
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Pipedream Show 241 – Mike Marino

mike marino 2017

Mike Marino this week on Pipedream! This country boy brings the fu… (puts hand over mic.. “What? He is? Ok..) this loveable fucking maniac has agreed to bless us with his funny and spread it with a honeywagon all night long! We fired Jefferson. ***Comedypipe, celebrating diversity at our own pace.

***Comedypipe, take the pledge.

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Pipedream Show 219 – Mike Cahill

mike cahill 2016

Mike Cahill is joining the round table this week on Pipedream! He may look like he just ate a puppy but this guy is funny and can give you great deal on a car or repairs at Cahill’s automotive center 518-427-5842. He’ll beat any estimate. *Pipedream will not be undersold.
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Comedypipe Welcomes The Spud Goodman Show!!!

Spud_Goodman_splash_w_text 200x200spud_goodman_17-134_20170116 200x200

News (1/12/17): "The Big Love Episode" 
Guests: from America's Got Talent, Comedian and Game Show Host Howie Mandel, From Breaking Bad and Life in Pieces,
 Actress Betsy Brandt, and Author and Sex Pistols Guitarist, Steve Jones along Musical Guest: The Riftbrokers. 
Spud tries to boost his ratings
by receuiting volunteers for a polygamous relationship
with Permanent Temporary (and married) Co-Host Gerald.