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15 comments on “Contact”

  1. Jim Reply

    Hello… I was listening to your station last night on my HTC Hero
    andriod…with Droidlive… your station and it stopped casting…
    so I did a update for “DroidLive” and it is now “Xiialive”.. anyhow I can’t find your station…. any help would be Great!
    Love your channel…

    Thanks Jim


  2. aussie bob Reply

    Who was the english comic on before Robert schimmel. He is so quick, I got to get some more!!

    Thanks for yr station, just found it recently on iitunes,

    Will send some money for ya. So long AB

  3. Mateusz Reply


    I am new to the radio 🙂 but I like it very much already. Good job 🙂 I will be comming back here in my free time 🙂

    Kind regards,

  4. :) Reply


    Keep up the great job guys. Btw, can you add some new standup material every now and then at least ?

    Thanks in advance !

  5. Ronaldo Reply

    Hi, my name is Ronaldo. im listening and enjoying this funny ”vagina’s song”. just great. By the way, im Brazilian and im in Brazil. I’ve never been there in EUA. But a will one day. Please, say my name to make me happy here 🙂 Bye

  6. john Reply

    i just wanna say I LLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEE LOVE LOVE comedypipe…one of my favorite radfio streams

  7. Bhargav Desai Reply

    Love ComedyPipe. Listen to it everyday. Best comedy internet radio ever.

  8. Prithvi Reply

    ComedyPipe is off since ten days. Pl restore the station – have sent similar request for restarting CP to tunein radio pro as well. Keep 32kbps in toe 😉 Thanks a ton!

  9. Prithvi Reply

    TuneIn Pro has done it again .. they have changed the speeds for CP to 64kbps and its not working well. Have sent them a request to revert to 32kbps. 32kbps is ideal for CP. Pl restore this speed. Thanks!

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